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About Us

You Luckie Dog Kennels and Cat House is dedicated to providing a happy and safe home for your furry friends. Our facility is staffed by experienced, passionate professionals who care about the welfare of your pets, as much as you do. We provide a range of services tailored to meet the individual needs of your pets, whether it's just for a day visit or an extended stay. As a company, we're also committed to giving back and work closely with rescue groups to help dogs in need. With our ongoing commitment to rescue groups, you can rest easy knowing your pet is not just enjoying a comfortable stay, but you are also supporting a great cause.

You Luckie Dog Team

Our Team

Are True Pet Lovers

The passion behind You Luckie Dog comes from the experienced, talented and dedicated team who brings their all to work every single day. Their compassion and love of pets make our team a wonderful value and you can rest assure that your pet is being well taken care of.

You Luckie Dog Owner

The Owner

Rick is the proud owner-operator of You Luckie Dog Kennels and Cat House. With over 40 years of experience in dog pack management and a passion for canine care, is committed to ensuring the well-being and happiness of every furry guest that comes through our doors. Prior to this venture, he successfully managed two dog daycares and boarding facilities, caring for thousands of dogs along the way. Rick is well-qualified  to evaluate your pets and lead groups.

Rescue Groups

We're truly honored to support rescue groups by offering our facility, ensuring each cherished pet receives the loving care while they await on their journey to a forever home. These groups are the heart of our community here at You Luckie Dog, and we invite you to explore more about them and how you can lend a helping hand. Their unwavering commitment to finding loving homes for dogs in need is inspiring, and your support can make a real difference. At You Luckie Dog, we're dedicated to providing a warm, loving environment for every dog, making sure they feel cherished and well-cared for. husky rescue group

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